Food Tour

The values of traditional cuisine 

Just five hours to explore not only Vietnamese traditional food but also the original culture. Da Nang offers variety kinds of local food which are so delicious and reasonably priced. Our Tour will bring you more than a satisfaction with many scrumptious dishes. Specially, discovering this beautiful city by motorbike and walking along Han River are the great options that you should think about. We make sure that you would have a lot of fun after finishing the tour.

17:00: Depart from Hotel Le Bouton.

 Food Theme: The specialties of Danang & drinks


  • Light meal: Banh beo, Banh nam, Banh bot loc.
  • Main course (1-2 dishes): Banh trang cuon thit heo, Mi quang ech, Banh xeo.
  • Desert: Sweet soup/ Coconut jelly.


On this half-day excursion, you will explore charming local communities, visit some famous attractions in Danang, and taste unique local delicacies made with freshest local ingredients. You will be soaked into the real tradition of Danang culinary culture and get the complete experience of Central Coast of Vietnam’s cuisine like an insider. Especially, on weekend we can enjoy the stunning Dragon Bridge Show ịn the tour.


21:00: Going back Hotel Le Bouton, end up tour. 

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