Bach Ma National Park

The perfection of natural habitant.

Bach Ma National Park is about  60km to  the north of Da Nang. Bach Ma National Park has the beautiful natural landscape and very fresh climate. Outstandingly, Bach Ma National Park still preserves almost intact diverse vegetation and vast primitive forests.

If you are a big fan of discovery and want to experience the greatness of nature with many joyful activities, Bach Ma must be an ideal choice.

07:30 – 08h45: Departing to Bach Ma National Park.

09:00 – 09:30: Traveling by car to the summit of Bach Ma.

09h30 – 13:00: Conquering Bach Ma peak to Vong Hai Dai. From the Thap Chuong, you can see the panoramic view of natural wonders including Cau Hai lagoon, Chan May port. Continue to explore the primeval forest by crossing the small trails to the Five Lakes, where you will be comfortable immersed in cool, clear blue lakes. 

Noon: Guests rest for lunch (picnic), bathe and rest on the big stones. 

13h30: Continue the journey to Do Quyen Waterfall – Beautiful, majestic waterfall, over 300m high and Quyen flower forest with many beautiful legends.

15h30: Transferring back to the hotel, end up tour.

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