Serving quietly


Hotel Le Bouton was inspired from the concept of a button. The button here has many layers of meaning. The first meaning is the image of a woman who is the mom, the wife or the grandma taking care of meals and clothes that you use everyday. Therefore, the guideline of our service is affability as what the woman does at home.

A Puzzle

The second meaning of the button of Hotel Le Bouton is the puzzle. The button is very small, but most shirts need it. Its main function is to keep the fabric fixed and make the shirt suitable for who wears it. Sometimes in life we feel lost, we want to find strange things, but forget that we have so many precious things close to us. We just don’t know how to synthesize and link them together.



The third meaning of the button – Le Bouton is “freedom”. Freedom is the first feeling that you want to have when you travel. After check-in, you enter your room and take the buttons off, that is an action of free yourself from daily restraint. This free is unlimited. It is also the unlimited dedication when we serve our guest at Hotel Le Bouton.


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